The last sunny autumn day before the grey November

Wine Estate

Dielheim is a village situated about 15 km south of Heidelberg. The region is called Kraichgau (don't try to pronounce it, just enjoy it!). It boasts a beautiful landsape with small hills and slopes, vineyards, fields and woods. Our own vineyards can be found between the villages of Dielheim and Rauenberg.

In the 1960's Karl-Friedrich's father started growing vines as a hobby. He had a good friend in Dielheim and this was the reason for him later buying his first vineyard here. For Karl-Friedrich it grew from a hobby into a profession and in the 1980's the family bought an old trade building and turned it into a winery.

Our Wines

Karl-Friedrich spent his apprenticeship as vintner in one of the pioneer wine estates producing organic grapes. But soon he learnt the difference between learning and actually doing. Although he objected to weed killers and chemical fertilizers, he did not dare to do completely without chemical plant protection. In the first years it was simply a question of time: Three little children need both their mother and their father to take care of them. But in 2003 we joined the organic wine growing advisory service and over the next three years Karl-Friedrich began testing organic spraying. After that, our estate was converted into an organic viticulture and since 2008 we have been certified as EU organic estate (DE-022-Eco-Inspection Body).

Since the year 2012 new European standards for the preparation of wine were introduced. We did not have to alter our vinification methods to be allowed to use the new  logo for or organic wines.

There are many new methods of vinification that have in the meantime become international  standards, such as the use of artificial enzymes, yeast food preparation, and additives improving the mouth feeling. We like to do without them and let the wines develop slowly their own way. Thus our wines are not necessarily trendy and mainstream but do without doubt have their own character.

If you want to try our wines, we can make it possible: We visit the UK every year in February or March. We normally stay near London, Oxford and around Birmingham.

Delivery to the UK

We plan to go to the UK next year in spring. Let's wait and see what the situation will be then.


Weinbau Goldene Gans
Gerlinde and Karl-Friedrich Krämer
Schillerstraße 42
69234 Dielheim

Telephone: 0049 6222 70535

E-Mail: willkommen(at)weinbau-goldene-gans(dot)de

Welcome - Late Autumn 2020

Dear Friends of Weinbau Goldene Gans,

this last sunny October day sent me into the vineyards to take some photographs - and also to spread the husks of grapes. This is the last work in the vineyards for this year. In the cellar the fementation has also finished. Only the Scheurebe is still bubbling every now and then.

In a few weeks Karl-Friedrich will start delivering throughout Germany again. He is looking forward to meeting our customers again.

Enjoy the last days of autumn and stay healthy.

Sincerely yours

Gerlinde and Karl-Friedrich Krämer

Goldene Gans